Green Meeting

Experience Alive on Five when you host your conference or meeting at Sheraton Boston Hotel.

Going Green
Sheraton Boston pilots Alive on Five, premium conference space dedicated to the environment, social responsibility and facilitating the kinds of connections that get business done.  Sheraton Boston and Native Energy have partnered to establish carbon neutrality in Alive on Five.  Native Energy measures the amount of carbon produced by every meeting in Alive on Five and executes projects that remove the excess carbon from the atmosphere.  Sheraton Boston purchases the "carbon credit" which facilitates this process, allowing you to host a Green Meeting.

Staying Connected
Just as the Link@Sheraton in our lobby keeps our guests connected to everything that matters most, Alive on Five will feature a new Connection Station.  This area will allow our guests to work, relax or socialize during breaks from their meetings.  Complimentary Wireless internet access and two new computer terminals provide everything needed for our guests to do their best work.  This area will be for the exclusive use of our guests who are utilizing Alive on Five, and will require a specific password.

Emerald Necklace
Alive on Five brings a touch of nature into the meeting experience, the meeting rooms have the unique distinction of  being named after the parks and waterways in the Emerald  Necklace. The Emerald Necklace is a chain of parks and waterways that surround Boston, stretching from Franklin Park to the Public Garden, and was designed in the late 1800's by famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. 

Community Flavor
The Alive on Five space will be an organic reflection of the Sheraton Boston's dedication to our local community.  The photographs that will be featured on Alive on Five have been captured by students at the New England School of Photography.  Inspired by nature, community and our charming city, these images capture the Sheraton experience in Boston.

The Sweet Spot
We are committed to preparing our menus with the focus on environmentally and socially responsible grown products.  Sheraton Boston serves sustainable menu options in our Alive on Five space.  In food service and in meeting space, we are dedicated to preserving and supporting our local community.

Green Team
From the kitchen, to the pool, to our 1220 guestrooms, the Sheraton Boston Hotel is committed to being eco-friendly and energy efficient.  You will notice these differences throughout the hotel.  Sheraton Boston's latest initiative is single stream recycling - this process ensures that every piece of waste is recycled.